Oops Hot Oven Mitt
Oops Hot Oven Mitt
Oops Hot Oven Mitt
Oops Hot Oven Mitt

Oops Hot Oven Mitt

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  • Handmade in Shanghai

  • Antique handwoven fabric, cotton

  • Length*width : 9.5*5.5 inches

  • Machine wash cold / hand wash 

Brand & Story

Brut Cake is a Shanghai-based small business featuring art works of Taiwanese designer Nicole Teng.

The word“Brut”originated from the Art Brut movement in France, and is an apt description of the raw, original and essential elements of Brut Cake products. “Cake”evokes images of the simple pleasures and happiness in life.

Inspired by the Art Brut concept, Brut Cake is devoted to bringing functional art into everyday living. The interrelationship between people and each of Brut Cake’s handcrafted object lays the foundation for thoughtful living.

About Antique Handwoven Fabric: It's cloth mostly from Southeast China, hand-woven more than 50 years ago, using 100% natural cotton with no chemicals. It has more than 72 complex production processes to ensure these fabrics are strong and durable. Every single pile of cloth with different prints are in limited quantities.