About It's Too DAM HOT & Lei

About It's Too DAM HOT:

It’s Too DAM HOT was founded by Lei Ma in April 2019, with the goal to promote creative and sustainable lifestyle.

Its Too DAM HOT marketplace curates one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces and innovative daily essentials that mirror the Founder's quirky style and passion for supporting small businesses and artisans in East Asia.

It is a space to facilitate conversation and exploration of eco-friendly lifestyle choices, and to break down the homogenous narrative of “Made in China” to highlight and celebrate artisanal craftsmanship in China, while encouraging more small businesses in China to be creative on making eco-friendly products. 

It connects communities worldwide who share a value of our Mother Nature and a life full of intentional aesthetics, conscious ethics, and long-standing quality.


About Lei Ma:

Wherever Lei goes, her metal straw and bamboo utensils go with her.

Growing up in China, Lei constantly asked “where does all the trash flow to?”. Over the course of years, she grew upset with the growing presence of plastic in the rivers and mountain waterways flowing through her grandparents’ village. It wasn’t until starting the “Chinese Non-profit Study Association” at Indiana University with fellow classmates, that she found answers. During an outing to a recycling center, they learned how trash can be reused – but there are elements, such as utensils – that cannot be recycled. On the way home, she made a detour to buy her own set.  

She set off to lead by example and help her friends transition to a zero waste lifestyle without giving up their love of style. She searched for cute, stylish reusable bags, bamboo straws and utensil sets to gift to her friends. She has been able to cultivate awareness of choices starting with her community at Indiana University growing into It’s Too Dam Hot’s international platform.

Lei incorporates her values in all aspects of her life.

Learn more about Lei’s professional experience managing and supporting cross-cultural and solution driven programming here.


About "Made in China":

China is changing and growing. There is a multitude of amazing Chinese social entrepreneurs and artisans who are working to bring people ethical and fun products to make our living environments toxic-free and joyful! Meet their brands, previously only available in China, now accessible on It's Too DAM HOT!